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Five sessions devoted to Colour in Art, looking at works of art, their interpretation and offering hands-on experience to understand the way artists view the world and to explore their message. Monet, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Rothko and Klein are the five artists we have chosen because each one used and interpreted colour in his own highly individual way. During the seminars we will be using books by artists and illustrators from the Scaffale d'Arte as well as the Colour Kit of practical exercise books specially designed by the Education Services.

Claude Monet

Claude Monet loved to paint reality as he saw it, so he could set down on canvas the impressions his eyes perceived in the landscape. A single scene offers endless colour variations as the day progresses and the weather changes. Examining his Cathedrals, Poplars and Hay Stacks, we explore the countless possibilities offered by the use of colour.

Vincent Van Gogh

Though he paints his surrounding environment, Van Gogh tends to project his own self onto that reality and thus he interprets it through his own feelings, to tell us of a world filtered by emotions. The workshop is a reflection on the symbolic and evocative value of colour, which can also be expressed through the language of mime and gesture.

Wassilly Kandinskj

Lines and dots, simple shapes and colours harmoniously arranged on the painted surface: the abstract artist knows that each colour has a power of its own and the observer's sensations are constantly changing. This is a workshop of echoes and the free association of places, sounds, memories and situations.

Marc Rothko

Rothko's work consists of large surfaces of intense colour - red, yellow and orange - and immense canvases covered in thin layers of paint, where each layer of colour allows the observer to perceive the layer below. In this workshop we explore the technique used by the artist to train the eye to perceive transparency and depth.

Yves Klein

Blue is the colour of the sea, the sky and darkness - some of the most naturally sublime places in the world, yet also some of the most difficult to access. Klein assigns blue the power of involving and guiding the observer in a state of total freedom. This workshop is a full immersion in the colour, leaving our mark on the surface of the canvas and reliving the creative gestures of Klein's Anthropometries.


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