Training course for teachers and professionals in the cultural sector

A training course devoted to accessibility to museum spaces, to literature for children and to silent books, which are especially suitable for stimulating and facilitating encounters among people of different origins while at the same time being useful for laying the solid groundwork for learning a vocabulary of images, a priority vehicle in a world of globalised communication.

Practical and theoretical encounters designed for teachers and professionals in the cultural sector will take place in dual on-line and on-site modality. The course seeks to offer practical, operational cues for workshop ideas to turn school into an engaging and innovative experience.


Presentation of Palazzo delle Esposizioni’s Education Department and of the cultural initiatives that have transformed the museum from exhibition space, container of memories and promoter of events into a space for education, for fostering exchange and for producing knowledge.


The Books Without Words. Destination Lampedusa project promoted by IBBY Italia first saw the light of day in 2012 with the aim of creating a selection of the best silent books published throughout the world and of building a library for the girls and boys of Lampedusa. A story now 10 years old, the project uses the collection held by the Art Bookshelf to shine the spotlight on books as leading players in educational practice with different audiences and in different circumstances: kindergarten and primary school, the libraries of Rome, schools of Italian for foreigners, and the Penitentiary Centre of Rebibbia.

Migrant Books

A suitcase containing illustrated albums, silent books and imagiers for use as illustrated vocabularies for different narrative, graphic and chromatic approaches to the Italian language. A travelling project developed during the pandemic and spawned by the shared need to keep on working and dialoguing through the valuable tool for mediation and integration that is the illustrated album. A proposal to keep in touch and to meet the needs of schools, with new ideas for workshops and selections of books to bring directly into the classroom and to students.


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