June 11, 2022

The Art Bookshelf

Presentation of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni’s Art Bookshelf. a library specialising in art publishing for children, that is open to researchers, teachers and enthusiasts alike. Participants will recreate a workshop project devised on the basis of a subject assigned to them.


Migrant Books

A suitcase containing illustrated albums, silent books and imagiers for use as illustrated vocabularies for different narrative, graphic and chromatic approaches to the Italian language. A travelling project developed during the pandemic and spawned by the shared need to keep on working and dialoguing through the valuable tool for mediation and integration that is the illustrated album. A proposal to keep in touch and to meet the needs of schools, with new ideas for workshops and selections of books to bring directly into the classroom and to students.

Looking Is a Game. Tana Hoban picture books

Dedicated tour of the monographic exhibition on Tana Hoban, an American artist who authored over 50 picture books for children and who is considered a pioneer of the genre: an exhibition that is an event 15 years after her death and that seeks to pay tribute to the first photographer to have produced such a wide selection of picture books for children with their unique and immediate style.


Reservations: scaffaledarte@palaexpo.it

On-site encounter at the Palazzo delle esposizioni Forum – lower ground floor

Via Milano 13