June 21, 2023

Il mese dei Gemelli, now in its eighteenth edition since it was first published in Hungary, is the only work in prose by Miklós Radnóti (1909–44), one of Hungary's best-known 20th century poets who was killed during a forced march.
Translated into about a dozen languages including German, French and English, this short, atypical diary, a minor masterpiece in its own right, tells of the loss of his parents and how he became a poet. In it, Radnóti, who was of Jewish descent, superimposes temporal spaces in a flow of lyrical and ironic awareness, lending his voice to the constant sense of danger sparked by the approach of World War II and the sense of foreboding that he too would soon meet his death.
His fate and his work testify to the human and artistic capacity for resistance in the face of the barbarity that goes by the name of Sho'ah. His voice is the final, tragic protest of true art emerging even from the living hell of a concentration camp.
The book is enriched with a selection of Radnóti's poems translated by Marinka Dallos and Gianni Toti, who were among the first to acquaint the Italian public with the poet and his work.
Il mese dei Gemelli will be presented by translator and writer Andrea Rényi, who translated and wrote the introduction to the volume, and by Valerio Rosa, a journalist with Swiss daily La Regione and a correspondent with Radio Svizzera.

Il mese dei Gemelli
Diario sull'infanzia
di Miklós Radnóti 
Traduzione di Andrea Rényi
Con poesie tradotte da Marinka Dallos e Gianni Toti


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Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Libreria

Via Milano 15/17