February 25, 2022

sound performance

Fake Synthetic Music is a live performance for voice, electronic, lights and spatial distribution conceived by Stine Janvin, sound artist who works with the extensive flexibility of her voice and the ways in which it can be disconnected from its human connotation to an artificial level. Simulating the dance-floor rhythms and effects, the backbone of Janvin’s projects focus on the physical aspects of sound, vocal instrumentation and potential dualities of the natural versus artificial, organic/synthetic, and minimal/dramatic. Janvin’s sound performance is an ongoing exploration of her Fake Synthetic Music concept, also materialised as a double LP on PAN records. In collaboration with light designer Morten Joh, she triggers both optical and sonic illusions, aiming to offer a physical experience built from the frequency range of her acoustic voice, otoacoustic emissions and minimal melodic sequences in reference to electronic dance music.


Stine Janvin is a vocalist, performer and sound artist from Stavanger, Norway. Working with extended vocal techniques, she explores and pushes the frontiers of the natural acoustics of the voice. She composes using sound collages from different genres, languages and traditions. In addition to her own solo work (experimental music projects and installations), she also collaborates and performs with a number of adventurous composers and improvising musicians, as well as taking part in art, dance and theatre projects around the world with artists such as Ula Sickle and Adam Linder. As an interpreter, she is a member of the Holly Herndon Ensemble, and performs contemporary music as a soprano with vocal ensemble Song Circus and in collaboration with composers such as Catherine Lamb, Maja S.K Ratkje and Øyvind Mælan. She recently earned an Honorary Mention of the Prix Ars Electronica 2019. Janvin was a fellow at Berliner Künstlerprogramm des DAAD in 2020.


photo Stine Janvin, Fake Synthetic Music © Karina Gytrest


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