Botto & Bruno. Under my Red Sky 2000

December 13, 2000 > January 30, 2001

13 December 2000 - 30 January 2001

S8ZERO/ Project Room

For the exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, artists Botto & Bruno from Turin (Gianfranco Botto, born in 1963, and Roberta Bruno, born in 1966) created a large wallpaper covering that spread over the walls and the floor of one room. This photographic sequence, created with a digital print on PVC, portrayed the environment of a city's industrial outskirts, an image of urban decay and poverty dominated by a glowering red sky laden with fumes. The wallpaper also featured an appearance by life-size images of the two artists themselves. Another image of a pot-holed terrain stretched across the floor for visitors to walk on, dotted with puddles that reflected, astonishingly, a clear blue sky.

In the second room visitors could watch the video Without you I'm nothing, made by the artists using the same technique they had used for other videos: animation of photographic images in cross-fade. The soundtrack for the video was by Bartolomeo Migliore.

Exhibition curated by Maria Grazia Tolomeo.
Mounted by Enzo Serrani.
Catalogue edited by Maria Grazia Tolomeo, with essays by the curator and Teresa Macrì, an interview with the artists by Ludovico Pratesi, and critical apparatus by Graziella Gnozzi; published by Palazzo delle Esposizioni PdE Edizioni in collaboration with Castelvecchi Arte, Rome 2000.