September 24 > November 22, 1999

24 September - 22 November 1999

This exhibition expressed the contemporary world vision of Josef Koudelka (Moravia, Czechoslovakia 1938) in sixty panoramic photographs, the fruit of over ten years' work.
The artist adopts the reportage approach, but with large format technique, covering the places where mankind has altered the its living landscape, with industrial development, urbanization, and war. Berlin, Beirut, Vukovar, Mostar, cities and places from recent history, the "black" triangle at the border of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland, so-called because of the heavy pollution caused by uncontrolled industrial development, or the French coast, where the Channel tunnel was excavated: these were just some of the landscapes documented in the exhibition. Among the photographs on display were some remarkable portrayals of gypsies, and some dramatic photographs of the Prague Spring of 1968.

Exhibition curated by Robert Del pire.
Catalogue by Federico Motta Editore.