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11 > November 27, 2000

11 - 27 November 2000

A festival of theatre, dance, cinema, poetry, art, and music, with groups or solo artists performing in the main halls of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, while films were screened in the multimedia room. A laboratory for works in progress in many different areas, a programme that was surprising and highly stimulating. Festival organized by Giancarlo Capitta and Maria Grazia Tolomeo.
Enrico Cocco, Teatro immaginario suono... - a work of musical theatre inspired by ancient Celtic tales and the paintings of Katrin Webste; Il cerchio magico - dramaturgy of sound for percussionist performers, tam-tam, and bass-drum; Terracqueo - a voyage by the psychonaut beyond the clouds in an imaginary musical representation of water and earth; Derwydd - a magical ritual of sounds for violin, clarinet, violoncello and tape (11 November at 6 pm)
Roman bass band performed Rota, Gershwin, and music for film (11 November at 7 pm)
Wanoulélé, a theatrical performance with Cécilia Kankonda (12, 13 November at 6 pm)
Padania infelix by the Comunità Teatrale Nomade L'impasto (12 November at 7 pm)
Battistelli and Paolo Rosa (16 November at 7 pm)
Piano concert: Scotese performed pieces by Franco Donatoni (18 November at 7 pm)
Suitcases (19 November at 6 pm)
Mish Mash (19 November at 7 pm)

The Torment of the Figures: Carola de Berardinis, Valmorin, merini for voice and sax (20 November at 6 pm)
Concerto MK and Alessandra Simi (23 November at 6 pm)
Banjo Breakers (24 November at 7 pm)
Folk Road (25 November at 7 pm)
RadioFilm (26 November at 5 pm)
Concert by Luigi Nono (27 November at 8:30 pm)
Ennio Bertrand: interactive installations (11-26 November)
Pichler: video installation (17 - 26 November)
Palazzo animato, a programme of screenings dedicated to film animation, in collaboration with RAISAT

Zattera Babele, with Giulio Paolini, Jannis Kounelis (24 November)

Multimedia room
Retrospective on Buñuel (11, 12 November)
The Balkan cinema, press conference 13,15, 16, 17, 18 and 19 November at 4 pm)
Screenings of Inventario Balcanico (13 November at 8 pm)
Luigi Nono, an exhibition organized by the Archivio Luigi Nono and Milano Musica