Dafni & Papadatos. The Master List of Dead Media.

9 > November 26, 2000

9 - 26 November 2000

Young Greek artists Dafni & Papadatos (Alexia Dafni, born in 1970 and Georgios Papadatos, born in 1969) designed a series of video screenings conceived as a single installation, and composed of segments of other works of theirs. See U C me (1998), where Dafni's face appeared, transformed into that of a heroine from cyberspace, was accompanied by excerpts of the soundtrack composed by Philippe Sarde for the film The Tenant directed by Roman Polanski. In Body Count (1999), eighteenth-century robots were superimposed on virtual characters like Kyoto, the star of Japanese television, while The Untouchable (2000), a work presented on this occasion for the first time, involved the projection of images from the artists' studio on the ceiling of the exhibition hall, turning them into a claustrophobic video game. The exhibition itinerary brought visitors face to face with themes such as the search for identity and the restrictive limits of computer communication; the latter area was preceded by a long list, the product of an original web search, of all those means of communication that mankind has abandoned, from primitive tribes' drums to the Americn Indians' smoke signals, and up to more recent inventions that were nevertheless short-lived.

Exhibition curated by Maria Grazia Tolomeo
Brochure with essay by Ludovico Pratesi.