December 15, 1999 > February 14, 2000

15 December 1999 - 14 February 2000

Known as the poet and "architect of nostalgia", Ezio Frigerio (Erba, 1930), the world famous set designer, reveals himself for the first time in an exhibition that he designed himself. Linked to the renaissance in Italian stage design that occurred at the beginning of the 1960s at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan, Ezio Frigerio was the creator of an interpretation with a new perspective on theatre space. He worked with many of the most famous European directors in theatre, opera and cinema. The exhibition retraces the whole of his activities, revealing his creative evolution even within a single show, through photographs, sketches, models and pieces of theatrical scenery. Exhibition curated by Giorgio Ursino Uršiè. Mounted by Ezio Frigerio.