October 13, 1999 > January 10, 2000

13 October 1999 - 10 January 2000

This retrospective exhibition celebrated the centenary of the birth of Fausto Pirandello (Rome 1899 - 1975), a restless and experimental artist who was a leading figure on the Italian art scene of the twentieth century. While open to change, the artist kept his own identity: though this was somewhat harsh rather than engaging, in his ability to look at reality without illusory and comforting embellishments he did not ignore myth, but revealed its constant presence.
Some oil paintings by the artist's father, the writer Luigi Pirandello, provided an introduction to the exhibition itinerary. The exhibition also brought to the fore ties that Fausto Pirandello had with other artists of the period, through a series of works by artists that may be considered his models, Armando Spadini and Felice Carena, and others, who had as their travelling companions Giuseppe Capogrossi, Emanuele Cavalli, Francesco Di Cocco, Renato Guttuso, Mario Mafai, Roberto Melli, and Afro.

Exhibition curated by Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco with the collaboration of Claudia Gian Ferrari.
Mounted by Lucio Turchetta.
Catalogue edited by Maurizio Fagiolo dell'Arco, in collaboration with Claudia Gian Ferrari, with essays by the curators and by Beatrice Marconi, Flavia Matitti and Valerio Rivosecchi, published by Edizioni Charta, Milan 1999.