Fotoesordio 2000 (Photodebut)

October 26 > November 6, 2000

26 October - 6 November 2000

For the first time a section of the annual exhibition Fotoesordio, then in its eighth year, was held at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, in conjunction with the other sections that were held by tradition in the Aula Magna Gismondi at the Tor Vergata University of Rome. The event was designed to provide a showcase for young people who have elected photography as their means of personal expression, and attempt to identify the artists of tomorrow. The young photographers whose works were on display in the first section of the exhibition, the one hosted by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, were selected by means of a competition open to students at the Italian academies of the fine arts and art institutes. Two sections of the exhibit were entitled Under 35; the first presented the works of young Italian photographers not necessarily connected with the art schools, the second works by foreign photographers selected by the embassies and the foreign cultural institutes operating in Rome.