Giuseppe Gallo, Antony Gormely, David Hammons: Trialogue.

February 2 > March 13, 2000

2 February - 13 March 2000

The exhibition showcased three international artists, Giuseppe Gallo (Italy), Antony Gormely (England), and David Hammons (United States), each of whom was assigned one of the large rooms on the upper floor of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in which to present a new project especially created for the exhibition. What emerged was a three-way comparison between them, a "trialogue" on their different ways of understanding space: Gallo used it to host a series of new paintings entitled "Le dita della mente" (The fingers of the mind); Gormely inhabited it with three of his sculptures entitled "Insiders", based on the size of the body when reduced to a residue of human form; Hammons darkened the exhibition space to provide viewers with a disorienting experience.

Exhibition curated by Martha Boyden.
Catalogue edited by Martha Boyden, with essays by the artists as well as their projects created for the book; published by Gangemi Editore, Rome 2000.