9 > September 24, 2017

Spazio Fontana

Free Admission - via Milano 13

The exhibition showcases 138 of the countless hearts that Ježek has drawn for agony aunt Natalia Aspesi's "Questioni di Cuore" ("Matters of the Heart") column devoted to Love and the Soul (Eros and Psyche!) in La Repubblica's "Venerdì" supplement. The heart, the visual metaphor of love, is always the same human muscle, yet on each occasion it is shown in a different light.

The original idea for the exhibition was prompted by Raymond Queneau's Exercices de Style in which the writer describes a single, run-of-the-mill event on a Paris bus in ninety-nine different ways, in ninety-nine different styles and from ninety-nine different viewpoints. In this exhibition the heart, the most obvious symbol of love, is "prepared" in one of the endless (but possibly always identical) variations of the human heartbeat.

Of course the variations are not really endless but Ježek, rising to the challenge (to his creativity), plans to continue painting them and to periodically publish a selection of the best of them. He should be given a place in the Guiness Book of Records as the most prolific painter of hearts in the history of mankind.


The artist Mojmir Ježek will be meeting the public to talk about himself and to work together on his instantly recognisale drawings

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