Jacques-Henri Lartigue: Photographs. Choosing Happiness

July 19 > November 6, 2000

19 July - 6 November 2000

The first important exhibition in Italy dedicated to the work of the famous French photographer Jacques-Henri Lartigue (Courbevoie 1894 - Nice 1986).

One hundred and fifty photographs and several albums retraced the career of the great experimental artist, a pioneer of new techniques that made it possible to exploit the vast potential of light, and show an image in motion.

Seen through Lartigue's lens, the world appears full of tricks, inventions, coquetry, blinding sun, mawkishness and dreams. Although he did his best to ignore the atrocities of his own era, he grasped their nature in his homage to motion. Exhilarated by the idea of capturing the most fleeting of moments, the "middle instants," the suspended, magic ones, Lartigue tried anything he could think of, with varying results, to go faster, farther, and higher; on foot, on skates, wheels, or wings. Most of the photographs exhibited were taken between 1902 and 1931 and include those of the Grand Priz races, the Tour de France, the first flight on a Archdèachon glider in 1904, the inauguration of the Montlhéry racetrack in 1924, the first meeting of engineless aircraft in Combegrasse in 1922, and the acrobatic diving competition in Biarritz in 1930. There were also views of storms at sea and the flight of a solitary bird over Normandy's leaden skies.

Exhibition curated by Robert Del pire.
Mounted by Lucio Turchetta.
Catalogue with essay by Vicki Goldberg published by Federico Motta Editore, Milan 1999.