Katy Couprie. Crazy Dictionary of the Body

October 22, 2019 > February 16, 2020

curated by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Workshop

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The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Workshop presents an exhibition-cum-workshop entitled Katy Couprie. Crazy Dictionary of the Body inspired by the French artist's book (Editions Thierry Magnier, 2012). This visual dictionary recounts the human body in every single one of its aspects, combining anatomy with poety, action with emotion, and figures of speech with literary quotes.

Winning prizes at the Salon du livre jeunesse in Montreuil and at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair, Katy Couprie's project, spawned by an innate passion for the body and by an exploration of the collections held by Bologna University' Institute of Human Anatomy, offers an astonishing synthesis of words and images merging art and science in a truly innovative fashion.


The heart? That is the muscle that causes blood to circulate and is situated between the lungs, but it is also a noble organ capable of love and courage. It can break over a sad story or beat like crazy over a great emotion. Hands? They are first tool available to man, they speak several languages including Italian and sign language, they can read, write and add up.  Naked, they are defenceless; empty, they bear no gifts.

The exhibition showcases the superb original plates, the product of experiments with different techniques. Engravings, drawings, graphic work and photographs tell the story of organs, muscles and bones, but also of laughter, tears, kisses and acrobatics, restoring to the body both its inner and outer complexity and its entirety.


This exhibition-cum-workshop, like all our past events, also has an operational section allowing the young and the less young alike to put their body on the line and to "peer inside their own selves". A rich programme of events for all allows visitors to explore the theme with activities and workshops designed for every kind of audience curious to discover the infinite potential of the human body.


Katy Couprie. Crazy Dictionary of the Body
Katy Couprie. Crazy Dictionary of the Body