Metropolis: Sounds and Visions from the City

1 > June 15, 2000

1 June and 15 June 2000

S8ZERO/Melting Pot

Images and sounds from the contemporary metropolis, in an exhibition that showcased the recent work of young artists, musicians, and DJs on the international scene.

Video by Benedetta Jacovoni and Sara Rossi (1 June at 9 pm)
Awale in concert (1 june at 10:30 pm)
Video by Debora Logoro and Dafni & Papadatos (15 June at 9 pm)
Dolomite! In Concert, live breakdance improvisations, featuring Mr. Ray on the sax, special guest DJ Stile, Break Dance Live! Urban Force Crew (15 June at 9:30 pm)

Project created by Ludovico Pratesi.
Video art curated by Paola Magni.