November 30, 2020 > January 14, 2021

The @palazzoesposizioni Bookstore specialises in photography and architecture, design and painting, including illustration for both adults and children, and magazines and periodicals on contemporary culture. Alongside the sale of books, it also hosts exhibitions, launches and presentations with the aim of introducing and attracting the public to the many facets of contemporary art. In fact it was precisely public interest in what is new in the publishing world that prompted us to interact a few years ago with @leggiscomodoScomodo is Italy's largest under-25 editorial project and over four years it has involved more than 900 boys and girls in writing articles, distributing copies, organising events and developing projects. The latest such project is Present 2020, a silent book that is fully illustrated and addresses four topical contemporary themes. While waiting it for the publication to materially hit the bookshelves, we have devised this exhibition on our social media to host the work that the 24 illustrators involved have produced for it.

6 MONTHS' WORK 40 EDITORS 30 ARTISTS - Presente2020 has endeavoured to address the human, social and systemic limits and constraints that have emerged in this difficult year. In fact it is precisely the concept of limit that has become the narrative thread and creative cue for an analysis of our present situation, moving within the four macro-areas where, amid daily life and theory, we encounter the greatest and most widespread constraints:

Communication: the predominant aspect of our existence, communication regulates our relations with others and, if we think about it, even with ourselves.


Citizenship: due to the crisis in the nation state, individuals end up torn between a universal and global yet anonymous identity and a crisis of representation.

Technique: the notion of technical limits and constraints is closely bound to the notion of progress, on whose altar we've managed to sacrifice ethics, morality and all those external constraints to the world of technology and science.

Value: since time immemorial, but especially today thanks to digitalisation which has imparted concrete form to its immaterial nature, value has allowed and still does allow individuals to accumulate more wealth than has ever been conceivable at any other time in history.

To discuss these issues Scomodo has set itself another constraint involving not using words. This choice, which may sound like an oxymoron for the editors of a newspaper, is the product of their specific wish to restore research and reflection to their oral dimension and more especially their sharing dimension by entrusting them to the most universal of all languages, the visual language. 


The Palazzo delle Esposizioni Bookshop and Scomodo would like to thank all those who have helped to make this project possible.

Catch up with us on Facebook for two talks illustrating the editorial project's behind-the-scenes side.
On 10 January 2021 at 6.00 pm: How Present 2020 Was Born: 6 months' work, 40 editors and 30 artists make Present 2020 come true. Maria Marzano, Marem Lo and Luca Giordani tell us how the book saw the light of day.
14 Janary 2021 at 6.00 pm: Properties. One of the book's most complex sections. Why? Pietro Forti and Frita talk to us about it.

At the end of a journey made up of images alone, words return to crowd together and overlap.And with that, we greet and thank all those who have contributed to the production of Present 2020.
The illustrators:
Alice Piaggio, ATEZ, Dadinski, Daniele Melarancio, Edoardo Massa, Faro, Filippo Fontana, Frita, Fulvio Risuleo, Gabriel Vigorito, Gemma Vinciarelli, Giulia Conoscenti, Guido Scarabottolo, Leonardo Crudi, Luca di Battista, Luchadora, Luogo Comune, Maria Marzano, Martoz, Mattia Iacono, Norberto Spina, Osso, Ritardo, Valerio Immordino, Testi Manifesti.
The editors:
Soda Marem Lo, Susanna Rugghia, Chiara Falcolini, Francesco Paolo Savatteri, Arianna Preite, Marta Bernardi, Luca Bagnariol, Luca Pagani, Simone Martuscelli, Pietro Forti,
Ugo Annona, Adriano Bordoni, Anna Leonilde Bucarelli, Elena D’Acunto, Davide De Gennaro, Federica Di Gioia, Giulia Falconetti, Erica Gentili, Greta Gorzoni, Chiara Lettieri, Elena Parrocini, Carlotta Perego, Carolina Pisapia, Massimo Rocchi, Marina Roio, Ilaria
Sabatino, Federica Tessari, Giovanni Tiriticco, Andreana Urbano, Thomas Massimo Vicentini
Un grazie speciale al team che ha lavorato alla realizzazione del progetto digitale:
Sara Campanelli, Maria Marzano, Chiara De Felice, Luca Giordani