March 10 > May 24, 1999

10 March - 24 May 1999

This exhibition provided an unpublished retrospective devoted to Studio Azzurro, the historic Milanese group which has been working in the field of video art since 1982. The event enabled visitors to understand the work they had been carrying out over the years, particularly their original investigation into the potential for creative and experiential use of interactive means, and its social and behavioural implications.
Indeed, right from their earliest work, the collective, socializing use of interactivity is clearly shown, achieved through environments that are accessible to a number of people, and using technological devices that are not displayed.

The title of the exhibition, Experiences with Interactivity and Narration, indicates the capacity that video environments have to respond to solicitations from several people simultaneously, through sensors activated by movements, by the voice or simply by a human presence, thus creating Sensitive Environments that respond to the artists' poetic desire to discover in technology, which plays such a large part in shaping behaviour and lifestyle, that creative side that enables it to describe the complexity of real life.

A selection of the group's principal works was set up in the rooms on the monumental floor of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni: Tavoli (Tables, 1995), Coro (Chorus, 1995), Totale della battaglia (The Battle Total, 1996), Il soffio sull'angelo (Breath on the Angel, 1997), and Il nuotatore (The Swimmer, 1984).

A selection of videos was presented alongside these works, grouped according to theme: documents on other artists, theatrical and musical environments, and one room dedicated to projects, drawings, and sketches on the process of creating the works on display.

During this exhibition, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni experimented with a new route, called "Exhibition Passage", which allowed the public to walk freely along the central axis, from the entrance in Via Nazionale to the exit in Via Milano, where one of Studio Azzurro's great interactive works was installed, Il soffio sull'angelo, with the option of being able to pay to see the other exhibition areas.

Exhibition curated by Maria Grazia Tolomeo.
Mounted by Studio Azzurro.
Catalogue edited by Fabio Cirifino, Paolo Rosa, Stefano Riveda, Leonardo Sangiorgi, with essays by the curator and by Valentina Valentini, critical apparatus edited by Andrea Dissoni, Electa, Milan 1999.