The Image in Time: Performance by Visual Artist Lucia Romualdi. Music composed by Franco Donatoni and performed by Antonio Ballista and Claudio Jacomucci

12 > October 15, 2000

12 - 15 October 2000

S8ZERO/Melting Pot

On 12 October conceptual artist Lucia Romualdi presented her performance of Ile de ré, to be shown again in the recorded version over the next three days. The work was dedicated to Franco Donatoni, one of Italy's leading composers, who had died recently and with whom the artist had collaborated on many occasions.

Ile de ré (‘re' as in both the musical note and the prefix that signifies repetition) is a minimal work based on the tides off the west coast of France that swirl around the Ile de ré, the tiny island facing La Rochelle. The charts for the currents and the tides have been used by the artist to write a score made of light, employing thirty projectors and revolving machines, and divided into two movements.

After the performance, at 8:00 a concert was held of the musical pieces that Franco Donatoni composed for Lucia Romualdi's installations. Antonio Ballista performed Black and White n. 2 from 1968, in the version for harpsichord and recorded piano, and Claudio Jacomucci performed Feria IV from 1997, for the accordion.