May 9 > June 30, 2000

9 May - 30 June 2000

S8ZERO/Melting Pot

The exhibition inaugurated the Melting Pot project for the S8ZERO, a space invented by Maria Grazia Tolomeo where the diverse trends and styles of contemporary culture could blend together, and one that was symbolically the opposite of the space called the Project Room, where single artists were provided a space to inhabit with their works in turns.
In rooms that long served as storehouses for works deposited by the Antiquarium before the restyling in the 1980s, a dwelling quite out of the ordinary was on display, an ideal home whose inhabitants had left traces of their own personalities. All the furniture and accessories for the different rooms, from the foyer to the areas reserved for relaxation, the study, the dining room, the recreation room, the children's rooms, the bedrooms and the bathrooms, were created by the artists: Giovanni Albanese, Matteo Basilè, Paolo Battistelli, Antonella Bersani, Maurizio Bertinetti, Corrado Bonomi, Marco Calò, Paolo Canevari, Giovanni Di Costa, Dario Ghibaudo, Alessandro Gianvenuti, Thorsten Kirchhoff, Gianluca Lerici, Giorgio Lupatelli, Anni Ratti, Antonio Riello, Maurizio Savini, and Adrian Tranquilli.

Exhibition curated by Gianluca Marziani.
Mounted by Enzo Serrani.
Catalogue edited by Gianluca Marziani, with essays by the curator and Maria Grazia Tolomeo; published by Palazzo delle Esposizioni PdE Edizioni in collaboration with Castelvecchi Arte, Rome 2000.