June 16 > August 2, 2020

The World Press Photo 2019 exhibition is promoted by Roma Capitale - Department of Cultural Growth, conceived by the World Press Photo Foundation in Amsterdam and organized by the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo in collaboration with 10b Photography

Image: Lee-Ann Olwage, Black Drag Magic - Portrait of a Drag Artist and Activist, 2020 Photo Contest, Portraits, Singles, 2nd Prize

The exhibition World Press Photo, initially scheduled for April 25th and postponed due to the COVID-19 emergency, will be the Italian premiere presenting the 139 winning images of the 2020 Photo Contest. The World Press Photo is one of the most important awards in the field of photojournalism. Every year, for over 60 years, an independent jury of international experts, is called upon to express themselves on thousands of requests sent to the World Press Photo Foundation in Amsterdam by photojournalists from around the world.


The World Press Photo Foundation announced the results of the 63rd annual World Press Photo Contest on its online channels on 16 April 2020. The announcement included the World Press Photo of the Year, World Press Photo Story of the Year, as well as the winners for each of the eight categories of the photo contest.


The 2020 contest drew entries from around the world: 4.282 photographers from 125 countries submitted 73.996 images. The jury gave prizes in eight categories to 44 photographers from 24 countries.

The jury of the 2020 Photo Contest selected Yasuyoshi Chiba’s photograph Straight Voice as the World Press Photo of the Year. The winning image shows a young man, illuminated by mobile phones, reciting protest poetry while demonstrators chant slogans calling for civilian rule, during a blackout in Khartoum, Sudan, on 19 June 2019.


Lekgetho Makola, head of Market Photo Workshop and 2020 Photo Contest jury chair, said: “Especially in the time that we’re living in when there’s a lot of violence and a lot of conflicts, it’s important that we have an image that inspires people.”


The jury chose Kho, the Genesis of a Revolt by Romain Laurendeau as World Press Photo Story of the Year. The winning series tells the story of the deep unease of Algerian youth, who, by daring to challenge authority, inspired the rest of the population to join their action, giving birth to the largest protest movement in Algeria in decades.


Among the winners also six Italians: Fabio Bucciarelli, Luca Locatelli, Alessio Mamo (2° prize in “General News, single”), Nicolò Filippo Rosso, Lorenzo Tugnoli and Daniele Volpe.


On display, for the first time, a selection of the iconic photos that have won the prize as Photo of the Year since 1955.


In addition to the photos, a section dedicated to Digital Storytelling will be on display for the second year with a series of videos that narrate the crucial events of our time.

The exhibition of the World Press Photo 2020 is not only a gallery of stunning images, but it is an historical document that allows us to relive the crucial events of our time. Its international character, the hundreds of thousands of people that visit the exhibition every year in the world, are the demonstration of how images transcend cultural and language differences to reach very high and immediate levels of communication.


The World Press Photo Foundation, founded in 1955, is a nonprofit independent and international institution for photojournalism. The World Press Photo is supported by the National Postcode Lottery and sponsored worldwide by Canon.


10b Photography, partner of World Press Photo Foundation, is a multi-purpose center dedicated entirely to professional photography. It aims to bring to Rome and to other Italian cities the largest and most prestigious competition of photojournalism in the world.


Internazionale, Media Partner of the exhibition, is an Italian weekly information magazine founded the in 1993 that publishes the best articles of newspapers around the world.