The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Bookstore, designed by architect Firouz Galdo, occupies an area of about 350 square metres and consists in two large rooms: one devoted to books, catalogues, music CDs and DVDs – national and international mainly about art but also architecture and design, and particularly rich in subject matter connected with the exhibitions; the second sells dedicated merchandising, closely following current trends.
The Bookstore on request makes shipments in Italy and abroad.
An entrance from via Milano 15/17, at the corner with via Nazionale, makes it independent from the exhibition area.


Opening hours

Tuesday to Sunday from 10:00am to 8:00pm


Tel. +39 06 696271211


March 10 > May 15, 2022 - postponed to June 30
Both the authors, in this work, have left their circle of light to venture into areas unknown, each on their own and in one another’s company.
First of all in one another’s company, reversing traditional roles: it is not the illustrator who reads the texts to supply them with visions, but the writer who looks at the illustrations to deck them with words.

September 28 > November 14, 2021
M.O.L.L.A. is the first magazine for springy kids!
The magazine is published by BEKKO, a group of women illustrators and graphic artists from Friuli, and dozens of illustrators and storytellers for children are involved in producing each edition. The magazine is theme-based: after the city, the future, borders and the body, edition number 5 takes a look at icebergs.   

March 15 > May 30, 2021
Tales of the Table
 is the title both of a book published by Vànvere Edizioni and of an exhibition held in the unique setting of our bookshop's bookshelves.
30 November 2010 > 14 January 2021
Presente 2020, a silent book that is fully illustrated and addresses four topical contemporary themes. While waiting it for the publication to materially hit the bookshelves, we have devised this exhibition on our social media to host the work that the 24 illustrators involved have produced for it.
The catalogues of all the present exhibitions or exhibitions of the past are on sale in the  Bookstore