To mark the Magritte's Apple exhibition and workshop, you can play an active role in the layout by getting the whole class to build the famous MAN WITH A BOWLER HAT, a character often depicted in the artist's work, in order to recreate the Surrealist mood of his picture Golconda painted in 1953.

Carefully follow the instructions. It will be easy and fun!

  • Ask a pupil to adopt the same pose as the man with a bowler hat.
  • Now draw his silhouette on 100 x 70 black Bristol board using white crayon.
  • Cut out the silhouette and fill it in however you like using the images of some of the objects Magritte used, which you can download from our website.
  • There are dozens of ways of composing your entry: you can use a single object of different sizes and colours, you can combine a lot of objects of the same colour, or you can glue the images in unexpected positions.

              It's up to you to find the "Surrealist" solution that appeals to you the most.

Bring your class's silhouette with you when you bring your class to visit the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, and it will become part of the exhibition space layout along with all the others.

An in-house jury will then select the most originaly entry, and the winning class will be offered a free workshop for one of the exhibitions in our 2018 autumn programme.