To mark Memory Day, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni is presenting a documentary entitled "Witnesses of Witnesses 2021" produced by Studio Azzurro, courtesy of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The project will be presented simultaneously on the channels of the Italian Cultural Institutes abroad and through the Ministry's own consular diplomatic and cultural network.

The documentary takes several different kinds of memory and weaves them into a layered fabric imitating the way each of us "naturally" builds his or her own personal memory: mute images that perform the task of illustrating the point of no return in an encounter with the unspeakable visible and invisible reality of what happened, preserved by the voices of the surviving witnesses, including Sami Modiano and Tatiana Bucci who, along with others, met personally with the students taking part in the Memory Journeys. The survivors acquaint us with what we were unable to see and with what, without their broken voices, would have been lost, consigned forever to the murky waters of oblivion. In counterpoint, we have the voices and faces of today's students informing us of their determination to save us precisely from the lethal risk of forgetting what happened, in the knowledge that only by taking on board the memory of those who experienced it first-hand can we endeavour to impart form and substance to our daily action in building the opportunity of a future capable of not replicating "what happened".