New York Live

Musica Nuda and Amedeo Pace in concert


Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Rotonda


Music and the visual arts have always interacted with one another in New York.  It was here that the sound of the Velvet Underground was born in the vicinity of Andy Warhol's Factory, along with disco music at the Studio 54 and the Sonic Youth's art rock.  To celebrate New York's soul and explore the cross-contamination between music and the visual arts, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni will be hosting two exceptional concerts in the very heart of its Empire State. Art in New York Today exhibition, which is going to reverberate to the experimental sounds of three outstanding musicians:  Musica Nuda, with Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti - one the most exciting sounds for its eclecticism and originality on the Italian scene today - will be paying a tribute to American music, while Amedeo Pace, lead singer with the cult group Blonde Redhead, who was born in Italy but grew up in New York, will be playing the gripping, biting sounds of his adopted home, building a bridge between the best in Italian and American musical creativity.


23 April, 9.00 pm

Musica Nuda - Petra Magoni and Ferruccio Spinetti

This extraordinary duo is capable of striking a note that might put even a major orchestra to shame.  Taking its cue from a mixture of instinct and freedom, the encounter between Petra Magoni (voice) and Ferruccio Spinetti (double bass) has produced countless records and concerts in ten years, building up an endless stream of fans.  Between songs, experimentation, sheer skill and levity, for this special evening Musica Nuda will be proposing to take us on a journey in sound in a tribute to American songs.  The halls of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni will reverberate with music the like of which has never been heard here before.


18 May, 9.00 pm and 10.30 pm

Amedeo Pace (Blonde Redhead)

The lead singer and guitarist with the Blonde Redhead and one of the most interesting artistes on the Indie scene in New York, born in Milan but raised in the United States, Amedeo Pace perfectly embodies his city's musical scene.  While he generally works with top artistes and produces outstanding albums for the prestigous Touch and Go and 4AD labels, for this concert he will be playing alone on stage with a guitar, a microphone and samplers, to recount his sound vision of New York in an unique must-see event!



Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Cinema

Via Nazionale 194, Rome


23 April:  admission to the concert is included in the price of the exhibition ticket.

18 maggio: to mark Museum Night, admission free while places last.