• the PdE card is valid for 365 days from its activation date;
  • you can register and activate your card in the ticket office either when purchasing it or when paying your first visit to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni;
  • you will need to produce valid ID when activating your PdE card;
  • the PdE card can be given as a gift; it is valid from its activation date;
  • the card must be displayed along with valid ID when visiting the exhibition halls and in order to enjoy all discounts and reductions;
  • the PdE card X2 and PdE card X 4 packs contain 2 or 4 cards for individual use. Each individual cardholder does not need to be present when the packages are purchased. Each cardholder can activate the card individually at his or her own convenience;
  • we recommend that you photograph the back of your Pde card. This will make it easier for us to produce a duplicate in the event of loss or theft.