Visit current and past exhibitions by way of curator walkthroughs and original contents, listen to conferences and lectures given by scholars, scientists, and artists, take part in on-line workshops for children and teenagers. All this is possible on the website and social media platforms of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. Content will be added by the staff throughout the museum's temporary closure.

I Piani del Palazzo allows our visitors to continue wandering through the different spaces and levels of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni even though the building is temporarily closed. From level 0 to the Auditorium and the exhibition galleries located on the main and second floor, we wish to imagine the Palazzo delle Esposizioni still open and in full activity.

Explore the key themes of the current exhibition Metropoli, dedicated to photographer Gabriele Basilico or the different galleries of the Jim Dine retrospective. Watch all the lectures and talks around art and photography that took place during the festival “Democracy in the eye of the beholder”. Browse #PdERemix to experience past exhibition highlights and scientific conferences from our archive. Read the books suggested by our “Art Bookshelf” for the little ones, or try one of the hands-on activities from the book "Arte in Carte" (ed. Fatatrac) or one of the workshops to do at home proposed by our Art Workshop.