The egg will break!

Someone finds an egg, holds it in his or her hands. The little egg is about to hatch; there is a small crack on its surface.

Hello, World!

The egg hatches on the hand and a tiny bird without feathers is born. 

Eat! Eat! Eat!

The little bird starts to grow. It becomes a cockatiel, a kind of parrot with a nice crest on its head. Imagine holding it on your right hand as you feed it with your left hand with a spoon 

The little bird can eat all by herself

Now the parrot is eating an apple on its own. It gnaws on it hungrily.

The little bird has become a dinosaur

The parrot has now become a dinosaur, so big that it can take a child on a ride. They are outside together, in a landscape dominated by two mountain peaks. The wings have disappeared, sharp teeth have grown in its beak, and two other legs have sprouted from its breast.