from 29 April, every last Friday of the month
To mark the exhibition entitled 100 Masterpieces From the Städel Museum in Frankfurt. Impressionism, Expressionism, Avant-Garde, at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, we're proud to present another edition of Spot!, a pre-dinner rendez-vous offering a guide to the appreciation and interpretation of a work of art.

at the Art Bookshelf
from 1 April to 17 July 2011
A book to leaf through, to read and to listen to provides the basis for the "Let's play with..." project, a workshop for children aged 3 to 6 with their parents, uncles and aunts and even - why not? - with their grandparents!

Training courses for teachers, students and professionals
30 April and 28 and 29 May 2011
The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's and 's Educational Services - Art Workshop service organizes training courses for teachers, students, professionals and anyone with an interest in the themes addressed. We firmly believe that the language of art is a useful tool to allow us to take a fresh look at reality, thus our goal is to offer new alphabets to educate people to art.

Workshop for children and teenagers
1 April - 17 July 2011
In the exhibition we take the kids on a journey through the major art trends of the modern era, from Romanticism to Realism and from Impressionism to the Avant-Garde, based on the masterpieces in the Städel Museum in Frankfurt.  In the workshop we offer full immersion in the color and form, space and sound of the art on display in the exhibition, to allow the kids to experience the development of signs and artistic vocabulary, and to meet the leading players who revolutionized the traditional standards of classical painting

tour of the exhibition and workshop for children aged 7 to 11
9 November 2010 - 27 February 2011
exhibition and workshop
An occasion to discover, through monumental sculptures, votive statuettes, masks and frescoes, the myths and beliefs of a mysterious people who ruled Central America even before the Aztecs. A workshop to evoke traditions and atmospheres that are still found in Mexican culture today.