summer school at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni

from 17 June to 19 July 2013

From 8.30 am to 4.30 pm Monday to Friday, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Workshop has dreamt up a fun, quality alternative for children to spend the first few weeks of their summer holidays after schools break up.


Tuesday 4 June, 5:30 pm

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni will be hosting its fourth encounter with Steven Heller, one of the most authoritative international critics in the field of visual communication and author of over 130 books, including 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design (2012), written with Veronique Vienne and starting point for the conference of this year.

Exhibition workshops and encounters

from 12 May to 21 July 2013

An international project by Ibby Italia and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni. The exhibition collects the best silent books from four continents and more than twenty countries. 

guided interpretation

for all age groups

from 8 May to 10 July 2013

A new edition of Spot!, a rendez-vous at cocktail hour offering a guide to the interpretation of a work of art, has been devised to run concurrently with the Empire State. New York art now exhibition at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

tour and workshop

for schools and families

23 April to 21 July 2013

In the workshop we explore the ever-changing metropolis in an effort to understand how an idea is born, to change our outlook, to turn situations upside down and to forge new ties.

Bologna Children's Book Fair

Illustrators' Café

Wednesday 27 March, 1.30 pm

Silent books, books that rely on pictures alone to tell their story, are increasingly popular both with publishers and with the reading public.  Using pictures alone to convey their message, they can overcome the language barrier and foster intercultural encounter and exchange. Taking its cue from the popularity of this medium, IBBY Italia, in conjunction with Rome's Palazzo delle Esposizioni and with the support of IBBY International, presents Silent books.

book launch and workshop for children aged 7 to 11

Forum - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

Friday 15 March at 5.00 pm

Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Bookshelf has organised a worshop for children aged seven to eleven designed to allow them to plunge with Alice into the search for a white rabbit, to drink weird potions that will make them shrink, and to vanish into thin air like the Cheshire Cat. Letters large and small in odd shapes and dozens of coloured dots offer an original reinterpretation of the most intense episodes in Lewis Carroll's novel.

a training course for teachers, students and professionals

from 22 February to 21 June 2013

Five sessions devoted to The Senses in Art - touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight - will allow us to read and interpret art through the work of contemporary artists, and to explore and experiment with a range of possible creative processes.

Macro Testaccio - La Pelanda

from 19 February to 24 March 2013

To tie in with the second edition of the Once Upon a Time.  Games and Toys festival organised by Roma Capitale, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and 's Art Workshop presents a selection of artist's games from the collections of the Art Bookshelf, a library specialising in international art books for children. 


from 17 february to 28 april 2013

We shall be taking you on a journey through the pictures in special books designed to look at, read, touch and play, exploring nature from a new angle, peeking inside our own heads and following the pages like a musical score.

training courses

for teachers, students and professionals

January - June 2013

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's and 's Educational Services - Art Workshop service organizes training courses for teachers, students, professionals, and in fact anyone with an interest in the themes addressed.

an exhibition, beyond the book 

from 5 December 2013 to 6 January 2014

Gilgamesh, the Sumerian king of Uruk, is on display at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome from 5 December.  So now not only a book but also an exhibition celebrate the valiant hero in search of his human nature, returning from the distant past to live once again in the pages of a volume illustrated in ink and watercolour by French graphic artist Laurie Elie and Iranian painter Forough Raihani, with words by journalist Alessandra Grimaldi.

Kids' Area - Palazzo dei Congressi

from 5 to 8 December 2013

More books more places - Palazzo delle Esposizioni

from 28 November 2013 to 6 January 2014

This year at the trade fair the Kids' Area is changing its skin. Run by Biblioteche di Roma and the Palazzo delle Esposizioni with its Art Bookshelf, two new spaces are open to visitors this year: the Sala Incontri (or Meeting Room) and the Laboratorio (or Workshop), to learn to read, from wordless books to reading out loud.

training course for teachers, families, students, professionals

from 23 November 2013 to 15 March 2014

The Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Education Services are holding a new training course for teachers, students, professionals and anyone with an interest in the themes addressed. The training project addresses a wealth of different themes, ranging from teaching art to interpreting images, art books for children and hands-on experience in the workshop.

a dynamic tour of the exhibition

from 26 November 2013 to 2 March 2014

The exhibition entitled National Geographic, 125 Years.  The Great Adventure traces the history of one of the most famous magazines in the world, a magazine which has been telling us the story of distant peoples and places for over a century thanks to the tireless work of photographers and explorers whose pictures and narratives have enthralled generations of people around the planet.