Because we believe so strongly in the museum's role as a social player contributing to the development of a fairer and more equitable society, we at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and Education Services decided to partner Ibby Italia in Silent Books. Final Destination Lampedusa, a biennial project now in its second year (2015) that aims to set up a children's library on Lampedusa, both for children and teenagers who live on the island permanently and for young guests in the First Aid and Shelter Centre.
Books from the five continents will go to enrich not only the island's library but also the Palazzo delle Esposizioni Art Bookshelf's own Silent Book Collection as well as a travelling exhibition.

In relying on pictures alone to tell their story, silent books successfully demolish all linguistic and cultural barriers.  Particularly suitable for stimulating and facilitating encounters between children from different backgrounds, they are another facet of accessibility usefil for eliminating barriers which, in this case, are not just physical.




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