Stay at home...
and let the Art Bookshelf come to you!

ur premises may be closed but the collection in our library specialising in international publishing for children and the Art Workshop's proposals are still open for all, for the young and the less young alike.
Every week on this page you'll find suggestions for reading and tips for workshops and activities to do at home and to share with your friends and relatives even at a distance.
An unusual way of keeping in touch, of being together and of spending quality time with the people you hold dearest.

You can already find some of the content on our website, the product of a decade of hard work that we're delighted to share both with families and with the world of traching as it continues to do its valuable job despite the present difficulties.

Even while you're stuck at home, the Art Workshop aims to help you take a critical look at the world out there through art and books because, to quote Munari, the quality of what we see has never played a more crucial role than it does today in determining the quality of our daily lives. That's what illustrator Kvĕta Pacovská means when she says that illustrated albums are the first art gallery a child ever visits.
Because let's be honest, you can travel all around the world from the comfort of your own room if you've got a good book to read or you can put your creative imagination to the test with the materials available to you.
All you need are simple tools that you can find around the house and a healthy desire for a moment's escapism.

In a nutshell, a vast range of working proposals both old and new to keep you busy in a different way!

For the first time in its history, a selection of works from the Bologna Children's Book Fair's Illustrators Exhibiton 2020 has been made accessible to the visually impaired. This experimental project organized internationally has shown us a new and unusual way of “reading” the art of illustration by granting the sense of touch the privilege that is usually given to the sense of sight.