Jim Dine

curated by Daniela Lancioni

This catalogue of the anthological exhibition which the Palazzo delle Esposizioni has devoted to Jim Dine (Cincinnati 1935) is a project by Daniela Lancioni which has been realised with the direct involvement of the artist. The exhibition is a tribute to Dine’s inexhaustible creative drive and is motivated also by the consideration that in the early-1960s he was the American artist to whom Italian art looked with the keenest interest. Having been among the first to conceive happenings together with a small group of his closest friends, Dine ranks most of all as a powerful innovator of the painting medium. From the beginning he combined real, everyday objects with painting, producing images that were both utterly new and profoundly revelatory.
A lover of Mediterranean culture, his voice is that which Elio Vittorini identified as educated and roaring in American literature. He defies classification, never having identified himself as part of the schematism ordained by critics and the art market. For years he was considered one of the most prominent Pop artists, even though he was quick to distance himself from that phenomenon and from its inevitable vulgarisation at the hands of mass culture. He has instead consistently proclaimed his individual stance, artfully forging it into a form of communication directed at others. One of the reasons his work is still so pertinent today is precisely this ability to make a strictly personal dimension relevant to the collective, an attitude which in the early years of his career made a significant contribution to shaping the awareness of a new form of subjectivity.
This publication contains the works on show – from the small heads from 1959 which Dine completed at barely twenty years of age right up to his most recent Pinocchio sculptures inspired by the well-known children’s classic by Collodi. There is also a large selection of photographs from the happenings, taken by those photographers who mostly documented the New York avant-garde artistic scene in the 1960s and which have been gathered together for the first time here. The contributions are by Francesco Guzzetti, Annalisa Rimmaudo, Claudio Zambianchi and the exhibition curator, accompanied by a detailed biography and appendix curated by Paola Bonani.

In Italian and English
Edizioni Quodlibet, 2020
304 pages
€ 28,00 
ISBN 978-88-229-0467-6
240x280 mm