State of the art

18 October > 22 November 2018

lectures on Pixar animation

From Toy Story onwards, animation has discovered the way into a fantastic universe offering unlimited opportunity for creation and expression, and thanks to computer graphics it has achieved an astonishing emotional and perceptive image quality, putting paid to any fears that artistic originality might succumb to technological automation. In parallel with digital research, the construction of every Pixar production includes a surprising amount of "craftsmanlike" research by artists, creatives, actors, set designers, scriptwriters, psychologists and so on which the computer brings together and translates into the finished work. To enter this magical universe and explore it in depth, we have asked a few experts to share their experience at work and in the studio with us, analysing Pixar's masterpieces from an aesthetic, cultural or scientific point of view and revealing many of the human factors and much of the human input that make each Pixar individual film a unique and unforgettable work of art.


Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Cinema

Admission via steps in via Milano 9a, Rome

Admission free while places last

Seats assigned from one hour before the start of each screening. Reservations may be made by PdE Card cardholders only. There will no further admission once the event has started.

The opinions of the speakers expressed during the conferences do not necessarily reflect those of Pixar