November 10 > December 29, 2019

21 October 2019 > 6 January 2020
tour and workshop for families with children aged 7 to 11
The exhibition takes us on a journey exploring the human body and the ways in which it has been observed and depicted through the ages. Artists and scientists have explored not only its inner workings and outer aspect but also the endless implications that turn a body into a person living an active life in the world.
In the workshop we use the work of Katy Couprie to build our own spelling book, to help us learn to name and familiarise with the parts of the body and their functions and to understand feelings and actions.
From 'A' for abdomen to 'ZZZ' for snoring, via organs, bones, muscles, laughter, tears, shadows and tan lines, the body is interpreted and associated with sensations and metaphorical expressions. Feeling a lump in your throat or having butterflies in your tummy aren't just figures of speech, they're part and parcel of a great design: the Mad Dictionary of the Body!


activity € 12.00 – reservations are recommended € 2 - tel. 06 39967500 -

Palazzo delle Esposizioni

via Nazionale 194