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The Art Workshop run by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni  was set up in 2000 to tie in with the exhibition on Time!  A Journey Through the Concept and the Depiction of Time, and has endeavoured ever since then to bring different kinds of audiences, particularly young people, closer to the art world by devising new and innovative ways of observing and interpreting reality through the different languages of contemporary art.
The Education Services – Art Workshop run by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni  were set up ...
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Publishing essays, activity books, kits and downloadable dossiers.
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A valuable element in educational practice, the quality of space lies at the very heart of our methodology because it introduces young audiences to their encounter with the work of art and the creative dimension.  Designed and produced in conjunction with young artists, architects, graphic artists and designers, the Palazzo delle Esposizioni Art Workshop's spaces cater for ever-changing layouts to greet visitors and to accompany them on a journey that stimulates not only knowledge but also the ability to feel amazement and the will to express oneself.