Antonio Biasucci. Magma

July 19 > August 30, 2000

19 July - 30 August 2000

S8ZERO/Melting Pot

The exhibition presented the recent work by the acclaimed young Italian photographer Antonio Biasucci (born in Dragoni in 1961), dedicated to volcanoes. The work was the fruit of a collaboration with the observatory on Vesuvius that started in 1984, over the course of which the artist collected an impressive documentation of volcanic activity.
As always in the work of this photographer, the images were in black and white, and were presented for the occasion in the form of a multiprojection. The volcanic eruptions appeared on seven screens arranged elliptically, and the installation evoked the form of a caldera (the funnel-shaped crater situated in the cone of a volcano), which the visitor was invited to enter.

Exhibition curated by Eduardo Cicelyn.
Brochure with essays by Eduardo Cicelyn. On the occasion of the exhibition the book Magma was distributed, including essays by Christian Caujolle, Giuseppe Luongo and Giorgio Conti, and published by Federico Motta Editore, Milan 1999.