Touching Beauty is like a question mark hanging over the study of two collections testifying to the research of Maria Montessori and Bruno Munari. Both collections demand our attention, they demand that we come and explore them in order to develop our sensibilities, our thought and our ability to reason around the environment we live in.
Central to our exploration is the Manipulate and Interact table where you can practice exploring the objects on display with your hands, You can touch, in fact you have to touch, and you have to do so taking all the time you need and using both hands to explore the material's form and quality.
Try doing it with your eyes closed. This allows you to forge a memory of things that then becomes a gesture. Touching things attentively is a way of thinking, not just of looking.
It allows us to compare objects' uses, to learn to look with our hands, even for people who can use their eyes.



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