6 > 15 April 2018

a project devised and curated by

Società Psicoanalitica Italiana, Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia–Cineteca Nazionale, Azienda Speciale Palaexpo


encounters introduced and coordinated by Fabio Castriota


For seven years we have been pairing psychoanalysis and the cinema to sound out the emotions, beliefs and phobias that lie behind our actions and our feelings. We like to screen films that still work both as mirrors of the individual and as observatories of the community, working in conjunction with authoritative psychoanalysts and directors who debate issues of crucial importance in our chaotic daily lives. Encapsulating a feeling of fear and bewilderment, disturbing – i.e. feelings generated by experiences perceived as both familiar and extraneous at the same time – forms the ideal thread linking the films in this edition. A central concept in psychoanalysis, it marks a restlessness that rises to the surface from deep sensations and that perfectly describes this era teetering between opposites: fake truths, alternative realities, criminal love, the damage done by progress, artificial intelligence... without limits or certainties, the reassuring and the terrifying are threateningly confused, spawning an extraneousness that we need increasingly to exorcise.


Our thanks for the films go to: I Wonder Pictures, Medusa, Frame by Frame Italia srl, Young Films, Vision Distribution


Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Sala Cinema

Admission via steps in via Milano 9 A, Roma


Seats assigned from one hour before the start of each screening. Reservations may be made by membership cardholders only. There will no further admission once the event has started.




April 6, 2018 admission free

with live piano accompaniment by Maestro Antonio Coppola

April 7, 2018 admission free

followed by an encounter with Anna Ferruta and the director

April 8, 2018 admission free

followed by an encounter with Giovanni Foresti and the director

April 10, 2018 admission free

followed by an encounter with Ezio Maria Izzo and the director