October 9, 2018 > January 20, 2019

curated by Elyse Klaidman and Maria Grazia Mattei

The reputation of Pixar, founded in California in 1986, is based on its skill in combining art and technology and on its innovative use of digital media to create original stories and timeless characters.

From Toy Story, the first film ever to be totally "animated" on a computer, to its most recent offering, Coco, via Monsters & Co., Searching for Nemo, Cars and Inside Out, to name but a few of its titles, Pixar's films have always succeeded in drawing and in captivating children and adults alike.

Yet few people are aware that these incredible films are the product of teamwork on the part of a team of creatives and world-class directors who use traditional tools such as drawing, tempera paints, pastel colours and sculpture as well as cutting-edge digital media.

With over 400 drawings, sculptures, sketches, collages and storyboards and a huge selection of video material, Pixar. 30 years of animation, an exhibition curated by Elyse Klaidman and by Maria Grazia Mattei for the Italian edition, takes you on a gripping tour of the Pixar Studios, plunging you into the creative universe of Pixar. And it is now coming to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome!

The exhibition layout, designed by Fabio Fornasari, offers an interpretation based on the concepts of Character, History and Setting, three crucial elements required to produce a great movie. The exhibition will also be supplemented with two spectacular installations, Artscape and the Zoetrope, which use digital technology to bring to life the works on display and to recreate the emotion and the magic of animation.


PIXAR. 30 years of animation
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