The publication of manuals, activity books, kits and files for downloading has always played a central role in the Educational Services' work, with the aim of creating opportunities to divulge, share and dialogue on every aspect of its activity. Its latest publication, Arte in carte published by Fatatrac, consists in a collection of twenty experiments for younger and older children.

This education fle is devised for adults, teachers and parents
interested in exploring further.
The Shoah is explained for young people, set in its time, introduced by a glossary and brought closer by a selection of illustrated albums. A useful resource for further developing the topics addressed in the museum either at school or at home. For an ongoing exchange and reflection extending beyond the tour of the exhibition

Curated by Laboratorio d’arte del Palazzo delle Esposizioni
The product of a joint venture with Rome's Palazzo delle Esposizioni Educational Services, this special edition of "Cards on the Table" suggests twenty different experiments specially devised for children and teenagers and successfully implemented in the two exhibition spaces over the years.

working notebooks
Five notebooks designed to help you reflect on five major players in contemporary art history who have handled colour in a highly personal manner.  Monet, Van Gogh, Kandinsky, Rothko and Klein are explained through a painting and a short biography of the artist, with worksheets, tips for workshop activities and advice for further reading.
to different kinds of public
Dossiers are a means reserved to visitors of our web site and can be downloaded and printed by everybody intrigued by the exhibition they are going to visit or have just visited.