The Palazzo delle Esposizioni's Art Workshop holds training and refresher courses for teachers, students and museum professionals based on practical and theoretical encounters exploring working methods and developing new approaches to educating children to art. Our courses address issues stretching from art education to the interpretation of images and from art books for children to designing and experimenting with workshops, in the sincere belief that educating children to art is a crucial part of their learning experience and that the languages and styles of art are valuable tools for forging a new and different outlook on reality and life.

11 March 2023

Curated by the Palazzo delle Esposizioni’s Art Workshop
In partnership with the publisher Corraini Edizioni and with the Korean Cultural Institute

9 May > 11 June 2022 Training course for teachers and professionals in the cultural sector
art workshops in the classroom

training proposals for kindergarten and primary school teachers between school and museum

Training proposals for teachers who work in the same institute to deepen the themes of art. The practical and theoretical meetings, remote or face-to-face, provide tools for visual education and art in a relationship of constant dialogue with other disciplines.