DEDICATED | to artists, art galleries and independent spaces

1 > 10 February 2023

curated by Daniela Lancioni with Paola Bonani and Francesca Rachele Oppedisano

This is the first cycle of encounters dedicated to key figures and institutions that have played a leading role in the recent history of the visual arts in Rome: artists, art galleries and independent spaces. We will be reviewing – and in some cases even viewing for the first time – various aspects of their activity with the aim of collecting data, testimonials, reflections and new assessments. The initiative, together with the “Exhibitions on Display” cycle and the database on Exhibitions in Rome 1970–89, is part of a research project promoted by the Azienda Speciale Palaexpo exploring the exhibitions held in Rome in the second half of the 20th century.
The first cycle of encounters consists of two meetings, associated in one way or another with the various editions of “Exhibitions on Display”.

Palazzo delle Esposizioni - Sala Auditorium
Admission via steps in Via Milano 9a, Rome
Admission free while places last


February 1, 2023 admission free
February 10, 2023 admission free